About us

Welcome to the world of Wine Boxes!

I started the company back in 2004 with the view of curing a leg of pork to produce air-dried cured Parma ham.

I purchased a small consignment of wine boxes from a seller at a car boot sale in Devon. With the surplus boxes, friends from River Cottage, for whom my husband worked, bought some and set about curing our hams. The purchase of the vintage wine boxes snowballed and friends, and friends of friends, wanted to purchase more wine boxes. So, Wine & Champagne Wooden Boxes was born.

I popped a swinging sign outside the house we lived in, beside the A35 road in Dorset, and it was not long before people were curious to find out what the wine box sign was all about.

Over a period of 12 months the shed that I kept the boxes in became too small and so I had to relocate to a larger shed in the garden.

Within the space of 3 years I decided that I would leave my full-time job and concentrate on selling the wine boxes.

I was given an opportunity to rent a small, dry, secure unit and jumped at the chance. It was only a mile from my home and I knew that I would be able to double the storage capacity and sell at various outlets.

In 2008 I was fortunate to discover a Bonded warehouse near London that wished to purchase the wine boxes. With this fantastic opportunity, I saw the need to expand the size of the secure unit and to make a small showroom to enable people to visit and hand pick their own wine boxes.

This year a move of premises has enabled me to expand further and will take the business onwards and upwards.

Today, Wine & Champagne Wooden Boxes is a flourishing business. I make a range of furniture and up-cycled  items which make perfect gifts.

Every day is a wine box day!

With wine box love,