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Double Dog/Cat Feeder (Small)


Perfect for your pampered Ca or small dog(s), a double bowled food/water.


My upcycled wooden wine box raised feeder helps with the joints in your cat's neck and shoulders, stops the splaying their should by going down to eat.

This  improve your pet's well being. while having a touch of upcycling in your home. Each feeder is an original, hand made and finished which has been sanded and waxed.

So easy to clean ....Just wipe.

Only upcycled quality materials are used in making this product.  

Suitable for small dogs and cats.

If you wish to order more than one please please call me on my office number and we can talk about style and quantities.

Please allow up 2 day's of production of more than 1.          

Minimal, elegant, and yet very functional. Be the envy of your friends. 

Measurements are approx :

33 cm x 19 cm x 11 cm 

bowls are approx 11 cm diameter 

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